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This board engages in discussions that can be inappropriate for young viewers. Know that Global AvP promotes freedom of speech and that members, staff along with support are not expected to use further discretion beyond the rules before you.

Your posts and threads will not be deleted nor edited here. Threads will be locked based on unanimous complaints. Same method applies to member warnings.

1. Extreme Offensive Language: Use of vulgar profanity is prohibited along with hateful speeches and remarks toward a race, nation, religion, age, city, town, sex and sexual preference.

2. Pornographic Content, Pirated Software and Sharing Illicit Content: Links directed to pornographic material, torrent sites dedicated to piracy and websites associated with illegal activities or information is prohibited.

3. Respect the Staff & The Members: Insulting and threatening members or staff is a serious violation and will lead to the consequence of banishment from the forum.

4. Spamming: Abusing the board to post single messages repeatedly is prohibited. This also includes repeating numbers, letters, single words and emoticons in different variations with no relevance to the discussion at hand.

Breaking these rules will initiate the 3 Strike Warning System against your membership.

First Warning: You will be notified of your warning.
Second Warning: You will be revoked from starting new topics.
Third Warning: You will be banned for 90 days.

Warnings are set to expire after 30 days.
Bypassing warnings or bans by use of fraudulent accounts will result in the deletion of said fraudulent account and an extension of the warning or ban.

Once a ban is set you have the right to appeal. Once banned an admin will prompt an email to your address revising the rules that you have violated. If you can provide an explanation within reason the duration of your ban could be decreased or in some cases omitted.
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