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Nov 7

New Updates

So this is all the updates for the current year. These will be the only updates until the year end.

Multi-Lingual Board
Included multiple sub forums in different languages. Current languages are English, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. New languages: French, Italian, Korean and possibly Hungarian will be added before the year end.

Country Flags
So along with our multilingual boards; I'm happy to reveal another feature that brings us a step closer to make this forum internationally friendly. The flag feature is accessed in your Preferences>Update Profile> Choose Country and you can choose whether you want to display your flag or not.

User Information Displayed on the Right
This format presents posts neatly in which if a user were to present a project like a mod, theory, review, etc. It would have a more formal appearance and easier readability. It also allows for GlobalAvP to have a slight distinction over other forums and discussion boards.

User Blog
This was introduced for those who want to create fan projects. It allows for the user to update while informing the rest of the community of their work.
This includes Fan Fictions, Fan Sites, Clans, Mods, Maps and various other projects.

Topics Now Contain 20 Posts
Each topic now has a threshold of 20 posts per page. This is to reduce having too many pages and for users to navigate less through pages to find specific posts.

Forums now Display 15 Topics
Once again to reduce heavy navigation.

Member Title Now has 50 Characters
Member titles now have 50 characters so that there are less limitations.

New BBcode buttons
For more flexible and accessible posting.

Wasteland in own Category
So that users can collapse the Wasteland and ignore the forum completely.
Cut off display has also been reduced to one day.

'Dark and Detailed' Board Theme
A new board theme can now be accessed via Preferences>Board Settings> Theme Settings. It is titled Dark and Detailed and is was created by G0b0ts over at Zetaboards. This for users who might find the default board too bright.

Renamed Sub Forums
Changed the names of the sub-forums from English to the forum's title to eliminate confusion.

Species And Faction Icons

Included team icons so that you can choose your favorite species or faction.

Security 1.0
Guests can no longer post without registration. This is to limit the access of spam bots on the forum.

A portal that organizes your posts and threads allowing for more easier accessibility to certain forums and topics.

Thank you all for your attention.
Posted Nov 7 2015, 01:04 AM · No comments
Nov 4


Alright guys some updates to throw your way.

1.Country Flags
2. Board displayed on the right.
3. Personal user blog
4. Topic posts contain 20 posts until next page
5. Forums display 15 topics instead of 10
6. Status contains 50 characters
7. Slight security change
8. A new board theme, "Dark and Detailed."
9. Wasteland has its own category.
Posted Nov 4 2015, 04:03 PM · 1 comment
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